About this site 

Who we are

This site represents the diverse services provided by the Geospatial Engineering Services team. 

  • Geographic Information Systems Solutions & Mapping
  • Document Management & Archival Services
  • Space Management
  • Damage Prevention & Locating Services

What we do

The team is responsible for:

  • Promoting the availability of mapping and GIS resources throughout the University
  • Archiving Record Documentation for facilities
  • Maintaining building floorplans
  • Programming applications to create interative web maps
  • Marking utilities to facilitate safe excavations
  • Document the location of the built environment with GPS


  • You may have known all or part of the team by other names​.  For example:
  • Mapping & GIS, Resource Center, Geospatial Resource Center or some other combination
  • Collectively we are known as the Geospatial Engineering Services Team (GES)